Allison is a comedy writer specializing in personal narratives, reality TV, and pop culture. She is also a Pop Culture Writer for The Dipp covering all things Bachelor Nation and RHOBH among many others. Allison co-wrote her own comedy series, Untitled Millennial Project.

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Reading in the Wings 

Peter Kavinsky is My Boyfriend and I Don't Care Who Knows It

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The Dipp

Justin Had A Good Run On 'The Bachelorette' But... How?

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Interstellar Flight press

Escapism as a Way of Coping

Fairy Lights

I Tried All the WFH (Workouts from Home) So You Don’t Have To

Fitness App
The Dipp 

Hey 'Sex/Life,' Stop Calling A Laptop "A Journal"


These are the Top 10 Random Things I Miss About The Big Apple

The Bold Italic

Mourning a Year of Dating Lost

Wine Date